Tools for Success


Having one tool will get a job done, but the more tools you can add to your box, the more prepared you will be for various challenges ahead.

I use the word tools loosely, as it could mean having five different fly rods set up to fish a river, having 37 different screwdrivers in your drawer, six photo-editing programs or 15 different ways to diffuse an angry person. All of these tools help us get to our desired outcome, and all serve uniquely different purposes.

Additional tools can be purchased, crafted, learned, borrowed or hired. Before starting a job, think about what tools you already have and those you may need. Performing a job without the correct tools will either inhibit your best work or force you into an inefficient process. If you have the drive and skill to do great work, you may also need the tools to support your success.

What tools do you need to add for your next project?

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