Commitment vs. Plan B

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There comes a time in a project, adventure or plan when we must commit to doing it. This commitment takes time, resources and risk. For successful outcomes, you need to be tied to your goals, yet we need to always consider a lightweight, sturdy device used for climbing to illustate a point: the carabiner.

The genius of the carabiner is that it secures you to your commitment, yet it gives you the freedom to quickly release, if needed. We have all played victim to commitment and stayed with a plan too long, even when we knew it was no longer a good idea. We had no way to easily release. We were tied to the plan. The spring-loaded gate of the carabiner keeps you secure, but also gives an easy opening to release. Sometimes our best plan is to go to Plan B.

Prior to making the plunge on a new project, adventure or plan, remember the carabiner, and if that time comes when your commitment is bringing you down with it, release!  There is no shame in cutting your loses! It could save you someday, allowing you to rebuild your current failed attempt or later commit to other worthwhile projects.

The caribiner: used by climbers… and now its a concept used by leaders considering how to tie themselves to their goals, yet retain a quick-release, if needed.

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