Find Your Inspiration


Now is the time to invest in yourself! There are lots of places to turn to for inspiration today. This can be a good thing in terms of access to information, but it can also be overwhelming. Between social media, Internet resources and publications, the amount of information available is staggering. We all have differing professional and technical needs for information, but we also have a need for leadership training and inspiration.

If you are like me, I continue to learn and improve upon my trade by reading information pertenant to my job and situation, yet I also have a need to continue to improve me and my drive. I have discovered over the years that my interest in the outdoors has lead me to ‘pleasure reading’ these types of books, yet I always seem to find work parallels and life parallels that make the enjoyment an education as well.

Confluent Leadership originated where the streams of effective leadership and outdoor discovery meet.

I recommend you check out these areas for inspiration:

Leadership Books:

Outdoor Books:

Now, enjoy!

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