Above the Fray

Desk Skunk

Have you ever been in a conversation with an angry person or had a frustrating situation where everything inside you wanted to yell out and lose it? Well, join the club. Our emotions are easy to come by, but controlling our urges takes self-control and an understanding that our repution and integrity is worth much more than the moment at hand. You must retain your composure and avoiding falling into their pit.

A great mentor of mine gave me a gift shortly after he retired. In the box was a stuffed skunk and a note. To this day, the skunk sits on my desk as a reminder to me, as it did for him for many years prior. This small symbol means a lot and has given me peace in moments of conflict. It has given me the strength to retain my composure. Upon receiving this gift, I recieved a note congratulating me on my new executive position along with the following quotes:

“Always stay above the fray” (the clean version) OR

“Never get into a pissing match with a skunk” (because no one wins!)

It only takes a moment to lose control and risk compromising your reputation and integrity. Stay above the fray and conclude all conflicts with your integrity intact. You’ll smell much sweeter in the end!

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