Lost in the Moment

With eyes locked ahead on the destination, the goal, the future, it’s important to remember where your feet are planted at the moment.

Growth, anticipation and desire keep us focused on our goals and dreams, yet what allows us to enjoy the moment?

The moment is our place in the world. It is who we are. It is the sum of our previous moments and memories. It fills our heart with love, our ears with wisdom, and our body with the nourishment to make it to the destination. To enjoy the journey, one must keep hope that the destination is worth the effort, yet also seek appreciation and learn from what is around you at the moment.

Beware of tunnel vision. Keep shifting your vision from your current placement to your destination. Enjoy the moment and keep progressing in the direction of your dreams. Lock your eyes and mind on what’s important: the goal and the moment.

Deschutes Camp

Photo from our campsite along the Deschutes River on a rafting journey. The journey and the moment were both amazing. 


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