Todd Miller, creator of Confluent Leadership, transplanted into Oregon at the age of 10. Growing up on a family ranch in the foothills of the Cascades, Todd learned the business ropes from an early age, while living the outdoors with all it has to offer. Now, as a school superintendent, his passion turns to leadership, influence and achievement. Even while wearing a tie and khakis, much of his inspiration comes from outdoor pursuits and nature. This pairing of passions resulted in Confluent Leadership. Enjoy!

Todd’s experiences include:

  • School District Superintendent
  • Online Charter School Executive Director
  • Ford Institute Leadership Program Presenter
  • School Principal
  • Business Owner and Operator
  • Oregon Downtown Development Association Energy/Synergy Award recipient
  • Outdoor Enthusiast
  • Fly fisherman
  • Hunter
  • Landscaping Weekend Warrior
  • Woodworker, Builder, Creator