hard work

Energized By Your Work


Hard work can be draining, leaving you exhausted, negative and wishing you could do anything else. This hard work feeling typically comes from work that does not seem significant, relevant or worthwhile. It can seem like thankless hard work.

On the other hand, hard work can motivate and inspire. It can be a stepping stone to greatness. It can take you to new places, leaving you wanting to see more, regardless of how hard you will need to work to get there.

Find your passion and let it fuel your work. You will find that the hard work hardly feels like work at all.

Achievement (On the Lighter Side)

It is common to set goals, dream and desire past times, but what separates dreams from success is those who do it. Follow your passion and purposefully make progress: step by step, brick by brick, day by day, skill by skill, place by place, person by person. Take the time to make progress toward these goals and their achievement becomes possible. There is one guarantee: If you aren’t working to achieve your goals, they are only dreams. In the words of the famous philosopher, Calvin:


Now, get your knees dirty and make progress toward your dreams!

Long, Hard Day

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“Today was a long, hard day.”

This response has been uttered many times, yet it can derive from two different types of day.

The first form of long, hard day comes from dealing with unexpected and difficult situations; a reaction to something coming at you with ferocity. These days happen for a variety of reasons, and to even the most experienced person, they will happen.  These days are exhausting.

The other long, hard day happens when your ferocity is leading you to do the difficult work. You push on and on, with no delay or hesitation. These days are also exhausting, yet these day end with a sense of accomplishment and excitement.

We all have long, hard days at times. Prepare yourself to do the hard work, or the hard work will find you unprepared. Seek out the difficult work that leaves you energized and accomplished, before the difficult work finds you.

“How was your day today?”