Listen to the Service of Leadership

I will listen to a leader, when that leader has listened to the needs of others.

If leadership is influence, I want a leader who has been influenced by ethics and excellence.

I want a leader who is worth being led by, as I aspire to be a leader who inspires others to lead.

Leadership is a two-way street. Listen to leaders, listen to the service of leadership.

Let The River Flow

Deschutes River

The river always flows. It will rise and drop, but it always flows.

If we seek control, we could attempt to contain the current. The fight would be immense, and most likely, futile. Aside from the adverse effects this would have on the surroundings, trying to control things that are out of our control leads to frustration and failure. Authority forces either submission or struggle.

Or we could use the flow of water to our advantage. Accepting that we do not control the current is the first step to seeing its benefit. It can propel us down the river to new places, and the flowing river moves fresh water, gives life, and creates so much for so many. We could attempt to control it, or we could work with it. Adaptation may be the answer.

We are much more likely to succeed by controlling our own actions, as opposed to the world around us. By successfully leading our own actions, we can influence in a manner that supports change. We can always work to influence that which can be influenced, but controlling external factors is a waste of time and energy.  Control your actions, and adapt to the river.



Ever Changing Conditions

While keeping a watchful eye on our internal controls, we cannot forget to look up and recognize what is happening outside our sphere of influence. Societal and technological changes ever shape our markets and keep us in constant motion. Changes in external factors can improve our current position or hinder it.

Weather conditions can halt or delay a well-prepared summit bid. It can influence how many customers are walking about, potentially limiting or flooding your business on a given day. Unable to control the weather, it can get the ‘bite on,’ after a nonproductive day of fishing.

Controling internal factors gives stability to an organization or situation, but adjusting to external conditions allows us shift with the uncontrollable world around us. Control what you can and prepare yourself to adjust as the world changes around you. Change is coming! Are you ready to seize upon it?