Positive thinking

Around the Bend


Drifting down a river offers opportunities, challenges and unique experiences. The diversity of experiences, from whitewater rapids to calm waters, gives us something to learn from and look forward to.

The bending canyon walls and trees block our sight down river and into the future, yet incrementally the view presents itself. The canyon walls limit our perspective and focus the attention on what is immediately around us. This limitation actually gives an opportunity, an opportunity to look closely at the surroundings and to appreciate the subtlies around us that often unnoticed.

As we drift down a river, we lose sight of the upstream portion behind us, yet we retain the memories and lessons. We use these experiences to better understand our current location and help predict what lies ahead. This unknown explains the reason and need for guides, consultants and mentors, as they have been down this river before. Their wisdom is invaluable in helping novices navigate through rough waters.

Life presents itself one moment at a time. Some simple and relaxing, while others require focus, skill or even luck to keep afloat. We can only get glimpses of what lies immediately ahead, leaving us with a sense of excitement and anticipation for what lies around the bend. Drifting down a river canyon represents a great way to live our lives. Live in the moment to soak it all in, while keeping an enthusiasm for the opportunities and beauty that lies just around the bend.

Actions of Confidence

Stepping onto the stage to speak or into a contentious meeting, I always pause for a moment to remind myself that I am meant to be here and that I can make a difference. It’s not arrogance, but confidence. Similarly, standing chest-deep in a river, casting time after time for hours, I continue to watch the fly disappear under the surface of the water knowing that this is the cast that will catch a fish. Moments of self-doubt can start to invade, but you must dismiss them knowing that you are in the right place and doing what you are meant to do. It doesn’t always go your way in the end, but your odds of success drastically improve if you enter with positive thinking.   

Forget positive thinking, try positive action